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Since myself before was trying to find an online stores in U.A.E. that accepts Paypal payment, I listed here some of the best stores in UAE that accepts Paypal Payment. now accepts Paypal. is the largest e-commerce site in the Arab world, featuring more than 200,000 products across categories such as consumer electronics, fashion, household goods, watches or perfumes. Today attracts over 8 million visits per month and is fast growing as more consumers shop online in the Arab world.

This is the item I bought from, a cover of my Google Nexus 7 for 55 Dirhams + 12 Dirhams for shipping through Aramex. It will take 3-5 working days before they can deliver the items. If only accepts Paypal earlier I would have prefer to buy my iPad mini with them since I saw the offer initially in and so much wanted to have a first hand of the gadget that's why I ordered it from them. But it took 21 to 30 days for MarkaVIP to deliver it to your doorstep. And I, myself is still waiting for my item to be delivered as of this posting.

MarkaVIP by the way is based on Jordan. also accepts Paypal. this is actually the first UAE online store that I was able to explore. Proof to this is the many items that i purchase from them using my Paypal account. Meanwhile check the photo of the boxes for my purchases from What's good in Sukar as far as my experience is concern, they will refund your money if a wrong item is delivered and also they will cancel your order and refund your money if an item from their supplier does not pass their quality assurance team. is more of a Food, Cocert and Trip Deals more than a gadget store. I got to purchase a camera lens-look-a-like mug from MarhabaDeals. The shipping though is more costly at AED 20. The cost for the mug is AED 49 plus shipping cost of AED 20 which cost me AED 69., and also accepts Paypal payment though I am yet to purchase from them but they have an equally good items, it is just that I was able to explore those online stores I have mention above.

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