YouTube stop monetizing new uploaded videos- all under review

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YouTube stop monetizing new videos at some account- all new videos were tagged under review, what to do?

I was wondering: 

1) Is NOBODY getting new videos monetized anymore?

2) Did everybody finally get all videos monetized last time (the June Under Review "bug")? I know I did, and I posted the good news at the time.

3) Has YouTube ever confirmed that previous Under Review issues were caused by bugs?

4) Could it be that YouTube is implementing new algorithms from time to time for automatically selecting videos for Reviewing? Maybe it takes some days before new algorithms have been fine tuned.

I am trying to understand why a 20 second video of my garden without any music or copyrighted content stays stuck under review all day. It MUST be something else than the video itself.

One comment from the forum says:

"Really big partners get preferential treatment so that they won't take their valuable business elsewhere. Literally no professional with a well-established fanbase and the ability to create a profitable infrastructure around their work would stay on Youtube if they were subjected to the same problems we on the lower rungs are forced to deal with. It just goes to show that Youtube knows their system is broken, but this is still their preferred method of operation."

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