iPhone 5S Gold with Flappy Bird Game for Sale in UAE Only

admin 03:58
Catch iPhone 5S Gold with Flappy Bird Game for Sale.

This is an experimental bid as I've read from PC Mag report that some of the iPhone with installed Flappy Bird has gone selling as high as USD100,000.00.

I will put a starting bid of USD 1,000 and whoever get the highest bid which will end on February 24, 2014 at 10:00 am will take the phone

The iPhone Gold 16 GB is 3-months old and was bought in Apple Store UAE coming straight from Ireland.

The iPhone box though was not available since I left it in my home country. The iPhone is in very good condition and as good as a new iPhone 5S

For those interested you can put your bid on the comment section below and or you can e-mail us at dubeye2020@gmail.com

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