Dubai Hello Happiness Video gone viral

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“Hello Happiness,” a new video from Coca-Cola, opens with footage of migrant laborers in Dubai, standing before dawn in a patch of dirt as they wait for a van to pull up and shuttle them to work. Later, we cycle through shots of grim-faced men in work clothes—slouched on the bus as the sun rises, hunched on sagging bunk beds, crowded on the floor of a small room during mealtime with their elbows nearly touching. They tell us that they love and miss their families, and that they wish they could hear their children’s voices more often. We learn that these workers make about six dollars per day, and that it costs nearly a dollar per minute to call home—so phone calls are rare. Then the screen goes red, the music brightens, and we are posed a question: “So what if every Coke came with a few extra minutes of happiness?”

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