Watch the First Ever Evolve Tournament at E3 2014

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Evolve is a brand new 4v1 game where four hunters face off against an evolving, player-controlled Monster. 2K and Nerdist at E3 are partnering up for the first ever Evolve tournament. Be sure to check out the competition live, including Jon Carnage and Swiftor representing Twitch.

The teams will be led by the following Team Captains. Let the trash talk begin!
Malik Forté (@Malik4Play)
Brian Walton (@R2B2Walton)
Dan Casey (@osteoferocious)
Jessica Chobot (@Jessica_Chobot)

WHERE: EvolveGame
WHEN: All Times PDT
Tuesday, 6/10: 3-4pm
Wed, 6/11: 5-6pm
Thurs, 6/12: 4-5pm

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