Downlaod Gigantic free to play on Windows 10 and Xbox One

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Gigantic, a shooter MOBA, will be free to play on Windows 10 and Xbox One. As summer starts, Gigantic is poised to take some Tyto-worthy leaps toward launch, and we couldn’t be happier. It seems like every week, we cross completed items off our planning documents—and the game gets that much better.

It takes effort to reach each milestone, of course. As we work through our launch plan, every step represents tireless work by everyone at Motiga along with enthusiastic support and terrific feedback from our community. If you’re reading this, know that we couldn’t have reached these milestones without you, and we thank you for your invaluable help! Now, let’s check out what we’ve crossed off our to-do lists lately.

E3: A Gigantic Trade Show

This week, we’re showing off Gigantic at E3, the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles. Gigantic stood prominent among the most exciting upcoming games for Windows 10 and Xbox One at Microsoft’s keynote address, complete with a shiny new trailer. As a result, we’re busy fielding incessant media requests, because the wider world is realizing what our community already knows: that Gigantic has the potential to become something truly special. If it weren’t for our community’s support, we would never have reached that stage.

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