Sec. Leila De Lima Back Fires on Vice President Binay "Selective Justice"

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Justice Sec. Leila De Lima said It has become evident that VP had to resign in order to go full blast in condemning this admin. World perception of PH has never been better in the past 5 years because of PNoy's anti-corruption campaign. ust because big fish like Binay are feeling the long arm of the law does not mean there is selective justice.

DOJ Sec. Leila de Lima: "(VP Jojo Binay) should first put his own affairs in order, especially the corruption cases against him and members of his family, before he even starts talking of so called selective justice."
De Lima: In the 1st place, the VP has resigned out of political expediency, not because of his intention to run for President.

Watch: Binay goes on warpath, blasts ‘palpak’ PNoy, twits Poe on citizenship.

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