Yaya Dub wrote about her Wedding on October 24

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Maine Mendoza a.k.a. Yaya Dub wrote a poem about her wedding on her blog dated October 24, 2013. Tomorrow will exactly be two year since.


I was listening to a song Then I closed my eyes And thought about my future With you, us, together

Our -wedding day-Popped into my head I did. know why but as the song goes by pitture myself walking down the aisk

I see you waiting for me Wiping the tears on your cheeks I wonder what is going on your mind But it did. actually matter For I can see the rapture in your eyes

It felt so magical Seeing you and I starting our first day of being legitimately together But as the song nears its end Every picture seem to vanish For all that, I still found myself smiling as I open my eyks Thinking that even if it was. real, I know deep down that time .11 come Our song wo. ever end And I wo. have to close my eyes and imagine my life with you anymore For it will come to reality And all my fantasi. with you Will all come true.

October 24,  2013, Maine

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