How to Pause Download on PS4 Tutorial

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Tutorial on How you can pause your current file/game downloads on PS4.

You cannot actually pause downloads on Playstation 4,but ive found a kind of cheat that works every time.What you do whenever you want to pause a download is you
  • Go to the settings, 
  • Then go to network,
  • Then you just uncheck the little box that says something along the lines of "connect to the internet", Then you wait like 2 to 3 maybe 5 minutes,and a notification should come up and say "(insert game name here) cannot download".
  • Then you simply go back and recheck the box that you unchecked.After a few moments you'll be reconnected to the internet and the game/update wont be downloading anymore.
  • When you want to restart the download you just go to notifications,then downloads,then you go to what you want to start downloading again and press x.
  • A notification will come up and ask you if you want to retry the download,and as long as your connected to the internet it will start downloading right where it left off.Hope this helps.

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