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Are you a video, light and 3D mapping artist or designer? ‪‎Burj Khalifa ‬invites you to submit your work to be displayed on the iconic structure’s facade! Submissions can be made by individuals and collectives residing in the ‪‎UAE‬ or internationally. Submissions Deadline is on the 29th of February 2016. Visit our website for submission details here

Burj Khalifa invites all video, light and 3D mapping artists and designers to submit proposals to have their work displayed on the iconic structure’s facade. Submissions can be made by individuals or collectives residing in the UAE or internationally.

Concept Proposals should be sent to Submission Deadline is 29th February 2016.

Selected artists and designers will be credited for all work and have their work displayed daily for a minimum period of one month as well as promoted on Burj Khalifa channels.

Submission Guidelines

The submitted proposal should meet technical guidelines for content creation and displaying artwork on the facade, this includes:
  • Minimum 5 minute video content in MOV format
  • The content should be created for a minimal viewing distance of 100m (larger video details or animation are recommended)
  • Use ‘BK-Content Overlay’ as template for content creation (It can only be used to identify the screen positions in 800x1800 video)
  • Do not consider individual pixels or lines and do not render as pixelated
Click here to download full content creation manual and overlay template

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