Smite: Battleground of the Gods Tips for PS4 Player

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Smite: Battleground of the Gods brings its divine fury to PS4. Head below for more, and details on the closed beta.

Tips for ps4 players. Remember guys it's not COD. Don't rush in thinking you can take on 5 people by yourself. You'll most likely die and lose the game for your team. This game revolves around teamwork, you'll die without it (no joke). Communication is key. Stick together and have each other's backs. Grab a mic and start making pals.

Smite is coming to PS4! The game officially enters Closed Alpha testing on PS4 today, and will begin Closed Beta in early March. Players can opt in now for a chance to receive a free Closed Beta invite in the near future.

Billed as the Battleground of the Gods, Smite features more than 70 playable gods and mythological creatures from eight different pantheons around the world, all battling for domination across six intense game modes.

Rally here! Join millions of players in SMITE, the online battleground of the gods.

Rally here! Join millions of players in SMITE, the online battleground of the gods.

Whether this is your first Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game or you're a seasoned veteran, the intense action and irreverent mythology of SMITE will make you a believer.
Unlike other MOBAs, SMITE brings you directly into the action by giving you the same point-of-view as your god. From blind-side ambushes to aimed shots, a new universe of strategic possibilities awaits.

Enjoy diverse game modes as you play as one of 70+ Gods. SMITE is both beginner friendly and hardcore competitive, with a global esports scene that's awarded more than $5 million.

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