Clash of Clans Optional Update on May 25 - Bug fixes

admin 23:18
New optional update available in the AppStore/GooglePlay!

There's now an optional update available in the AppStore and GooglePlay which contains fixes for the following issues:

• War details not showing for War Spectators;
• App crashes caused by receiving Friendly Challenge messages when in Matchmaking or moving to-from Village;
• League badge not shown in Friends list;
• Visual bug in Player Profile: Clone Spell located between Dark Elixir Spells;
• Global chat issues (items displayed in wrong order after muting a player);
• Edit mode: "move all"-crash when removing obstacles that are blocking the village from being moved;

• "You forgot to train your troops/brew spells" notifications are now set to 12h
• Fixed some texts in the news items

Includes important fixes & other improvements:

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