Let's Play Overwatch - The Last Bastion

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A relic of war finally wakes. Watch the latest Overwatch animated short The Last Bastion.

Explore the origin story of Overwatch’s inquisitive transforming robot in their fifth animated short: The Last Bastion! Watch it now and then begin your watch on PS4.

Evan Evan Man young people today make me feel old or just odd (OMG i feel sorry for the poor baby i have such feels :c sad face. Hnnnng the feels) When I saw it I felt bad for little bastion but not to the extent some get on their knees crying. Bastion remembered the war, he had a mission, but he overwrote it and he knows its over now, he just wants to enjoy nature. So no reason to be all tumblr sad for him. He is enjoying life atm with his little buddy.

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