How to Achieved Glorious Legend Ranking in Mobile Legends

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Read our tutorial on How to Ranked Glorious Legend in Mobile Legends. Firstly you need to play a lot to be able to achieved that ranking. You need to have a good internet connection to make sure you can play smoothly (less than 100 ping is the best) and hopefully you will be teamed-up with a good players.

Go look at the leaderboard. There is a global server a.k.a. global ranking and a local a.k.a. your division. Top 50 of division will be Glorious Legends.

I believed the best thing to do to be able to achieved GL ranking is to have a squad to make sure each of one of you knows the game and you can build a strategy and less chances of losing  a game.

One player commented: "How is it computed really? Stats? Cause my friend got 3 stars and I also got the same stars. Difference is he's Glorious and I'm only legend. I compared our stats(Fight Info) and the difference is huge. I'm the better one when it comes to stats."

I think it's unfair to see a huge difference in the number of stars you need to reach GL between servers. Because I need 120 stars to reach the top 50 in my server, while my friend only needed 20. I hope they just change this to achieving a certain number of stars in order to reach GL instead of competing to be in the top 50 in your server or make a balance in the number of active players on all the servers.

Meanwhile, watch Mobile Legends TOP 10 Tips by "BluePanda" To Become GLORIOUS LEGEND!

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