Mobile Legends Account Reset to Start-What to do?

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Some Mobile Legends who use to play the games and have ranking already have been experiencing reset of their accounts.

John Jodith C. Tamuyao on Facebook wrote Hey mobile legends, I logged in today and my account was gone! It's like it resets into a new one. What should I do?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW? I LOST ALL OF MY HEROES! WTH.

Santiago Ayala commented: When I log in it put me on tutorials as if I just start the game why?

So what can we do with this one? If you have any idea please feel free to comment.

Meanwhile Mobile Legends released a statement regarding the copyright issue from Riot Games' League of Legends.

Troy Bell Mobile Legends: Bang bang commented in Facebook: you see that would work if you actually didn't infringe upon already copyrighted work by another company. i honestly had to look at the "lawsuit" details and honestly it does not look good for you guys, you can't protect yourself against things you've stolen i think you're about to realise that. not saying you haven't come up with some of your own unique things and i honestly really liked your game, but if you are saying you did not commit intellectual theft from Riot's League of Legends you are blatantly lying to everyone.

Read the Preliminary Statement from Riot's complaint:


1. Riot develops, publishes, distributes, and maintains the immensely popular game titled “League of Legends” (“LoL”). Riot owns the copyright and all related rights in LoL. Riot also owns registered trademarks in the word mark “LEAGUE OF LEGENDS” and in LoL’s distinctive and original logo. 2. This lawsuit involves the ongoing, willful and bad faith infringement of Riot’s intellectual property rights, including its copyrights and trademarks, by Shanghai Moonton Technology Co, Ltd. (“Moonton”) and those working in concert with it. Moonton has developed and distributed a succession of mobile games designed to trade off Riot’s well-known and valuable intellectual property: Magic Rush: Heroes, Mobile Legends: 5v5 MOBA, and Mobile Legends: Bang bang (collectively, the “Infringing Games”). Each of the Infringing Games contains (or at one time contained) a vast array of elements that were directly and deliberately appropriated from LoL, including but not limited to LoL’s characters, artwork, map designs, and unit and monster designs. 

Here's the Full LINK to the Lawsuit!

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