Filipina Student beat 11,000 Competitors All Over the World in Science Competion

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A dose of good news to you!

A Filipina student from Leyte has bagged over P20-million worth of cash prizes after beating 11,000 other students from all over the world in the Breakthrough Junior Challenge (BJC), an annual international science competition.

The Filipina student from Palo, Leyte bagged $250,000 worth of college scholarship, $100,000 Breakthrough Prize Lab for her school, and $50,000 for her science teacher.

Arena of Valor Tutorial on How to Quickly Become a Great Master

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When you first arrive on the battlefield, do you feel unfamiliar with everything? Want to go through the ranks and become a Master? The answers to all these questions can be found in the Training Camp. This article will provide a detailed introduction to the various features of the Training Camp as well as how to use them to turn yourself from a newbie to a Master.

Enter the Training Camp directly from the Main Menu.

The Training Camp currently includes four sections: Tutorials, Practice, Academy and Guide. Let's learn more about them one by one.

Training Camp Tutorials

During the tutorial, you already went through Beginner, Practical and Advanced Training. Many players overlook the optional tutorial: Antaris Battlefield. In this one, you can learn about monster placement on the battlefield, monster stats as well as useful jungling tips. Learning how to jungle is extremely important to being helpful to your team as well as becoming an overall stronger player (since you’ll know how to counter junglers)! You can 30 Gems the first time you complete it, so go and try it now!

All four of these tutorials are repeatable, so feel free to keep trying them again if you want to further familiarize yourself with the basics.


With this feature, you can choose any hero you want for a focused, 1v1 practice. This is perfect for getting familiar with a hero’s abilities and general playstyle. Better yet, you can practice using any hero in the game - not just the ones you own!

When you enter Practice, use the control panel in the upper left to modify your team and the enemy team’s game status. You can level yourself up, turn off cooldowns and become invincible as well as adding Gold. All of these allow you to simulate the game passing by quickly to understand your hero in later stages of the game. These all can help you become a better player. For example, no cooldowns mean you can focus on your skill combos instead of having to wait. In Practice, your opponent is always Thane. Practice can be stopped at any time. Access Settings (wheel icon) on the upper right corner to leave Practice.

Practice is essential to making you familiar with the heroes you want to play as well as understanding the enemy even more!


Visit the Academy for epic knowledge in all things Arena of Valor. You can explore both written and video guides for the game for all heroes, play styles and strategies. Game news and community events can also be found here. We are constantly adding content to this, so make sure you visit often!


If you've finished exploring all of Training Camp and you want to gain EXP, get more Gold, and quickly get more Arcana, then the Guide is for you! You can get a lot of Gold from Daily Quests and Casual Matches; purchasing heroes and Arcana both require Gold and Gems. Guide helps “guide” you in the right direction for earning Gold and Gems, so check it out!

With these tools at your disposal, you can become a Master in no (well some) time! It's time to go into the Training Camp and explore it for yourself!

Watch some of the Tutorials and Gameplay of the game:

How to Become an Arena of Valor Creator and Earn Rewards

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Creators should be rewarded for the hard work they put into their channels. As your channels and streams grow in size, you'll earn more!

Bronze: 100 subscribers
Silver: 500 subscribers, 150 avg views per video
Gold: 5000 subscribers, 750 avg views per video
Diamond: 10,000 subscribers, 2000 avg views per video

Bronze: 100 followers
Silver: 500 followers, 50 avg concurrent viewers
Gold: 1000 followers, 120 avg concurrent viewers
Diamond: 5000 followers, 250 avg concurrent viewers

If you use both platforms, you only need to reach the milestone on one of them to claim the rewards.

Bronze: 200 Vouchers, 4000 Gold, 300 Gems
Silver: 500 Vouchers, 10,000 Gold, 800 Gems, invite to Arena of Valor Stream Team (Twitch only)
Gold: 1000 Vouchers, Private Discord Access
Diamond: 2500 Vouchers, 25,000 Gold



Are you already making videos and want us to see them? Did your channel level up and you want to collect your rewards? Want to refer a friend?

Let us know by filling out this form and someone from the team will be in touch!

For any questions, please see the Creator Program FAQ.

Invest Now in the New Clark City

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How to in vest in New Clark City?

Recently approved by the National Economic Development Authority (NEDA), the Clark Green City Project is envisioned to become the Philippines’ most modern and the first technologically-integrated city with a mix of residential, commercial, agro-industrial, institutional and information technology developments at the same time having a green, sustainable and intelligent community for its residents, workers and business establishments. The 9,450-hectare Clark Green City is located within the Clark Special Economic Zone (CSEZ) and at the heart of the bustling urban centers and major infrastructures in the Central Luzon Region.The development is focused on two (2) key elements, 1) on the area’s natural resources and ecosystems as the defining factors of development; and 2) on smart urban development. The development is generally mixed-use and is structured into five (5) districts defined by their main functions, namely Government District; Central Business District; Academic District; Agri-Forestry Research and Development District; and Wellness, Recreation and Eco-tourism District.

New Clark City Investment

BCDA is bent on building the New Clark City as the Philippines’ largest and first smart, green and disaster-resilient city. To realize this grand dream, BCDA is exploring partnership opportunities for real estate development, wellness and eco-tourism development and utilities development and operations. To address food security and continuity of business in case major disaster/s strike the sea, areas for partnership also include the development of a food processing terminal and a government center, respectively.

As a business model, BCDA is inclined towards joint venture development where BCDA is willing to have a minority share.

Real Estate Developments

Among the developments being envisioned in this regard include the establishment of an Innovation District, Hospital and Medical Research Facilities, Mixed-Use Development (Residential, Institutional, and Commercial); and Industrial Estates that involve “green innovation” technologies, food technology and pharmaceuticals and biotechnology.

A unique project where investors can come in is the development of a Government Center which will house national government agencies that will provide a one-stop shop for businesses located inside the New Clark City. This complex is likewise intended to serve as a back-up office for national government agencies to provide continuous business and service in case of disaster and national calamities. The responsibilities and contribution of the private sector and BCDA to the project shall be: design, build, finance, operate, manage, transfer buildings and facilities; and contribute land, lease buildings from private sector and sub-lease buildings to government agencies/units/offices, respectively.

Utilities Development and Operations

To complement the development of real estate parcels of the New Clark City, BCDA will also form a Joint Venture Corporation with a Private Partner for the utilities development of the city. BCDA will hold the minority equity and provide the land and rights to the Joint Venture Corporation and the Private Partner will hold majority equity and provide financing, technical expertise, engineering procurement and construction of the utilities.

Long-term partnership is being explored as well for an integrated network of the following utilities: a) power, b) water, c) telecommunication and information system, d) solid waste management; and e) gas supply and distribution system. To connect these utility lines, investment/partnership is also welcome for the development of an Integrated Operations Center.

Eco-Tourism and Wellness Development

To promote general health and well-being of residents and visitors of the New Clark City, some areas of the Public Realm shall be developed as pocket parks and interest areas such as mountain bike trails, theme park, etc. BCDA shall contribute the land where such amenity/facility can be built by the Private Partner, which, in turn, shall design, build, finance, operate and manage the required infrastructure and facilities for the proposed eco-tourism and wellness activities.

For inquiries: DOMESTIC INVESTMENT PROMOTIONS SERVICE BOARD OF INVESTMENTS Tel No.: (+632) 896.4179/895.3984/897.6682 local 229/260 Fax No.: (+632) 890.9307 E-mail: ,

Arena of Valor New Version Update- December 4, 2017

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Brave Challengers,

The Arena of Valor server will be offline for maintenance on December 4, 2017 in preparation for a new update. All players will be unable to login to the game during this time. We do not have an estimation of how long the maintenance will last, but you can follow @ArenaofValor for the latest progress.

We have rigorously analyzed and collected match data to make a series of balance adjustments to various heroes, equipment, and battle mechanics in this new update. Ranked Matches, matchmaking, social features, and more have also undergone continued optimization.

We hope everyone will enjoy these enhancements to the game experience with the release of Beta 11!

Game Systems

Social Features
* Now when you search for a Friend, you no longer need to enter the full name. Search results will appear as you type.
* You can now invite players to the game using Facebook Messenger.

Ranked Match
* Improved the standard PvP waiting screen in order to prevent cheating in higher ranks (e.g. active feeding).
* During the Pick / Ban phase, you can no longer see the enemy team's player names.
* Previously when a team was formed for a Ranked Match, a team of three would be grouped together in the Pick / Ban phase. Now, the other two teammates will be placed at random in the Pick order, rather than at the end.
* Previously, at least one Brave Point was required to be earned in order to prevent a drop in rank. Now, depending on your rank, a certain amount of Brave Points will need to be earned to prevent a drop in rank.

PvP and Matchmaking
* In the Lobby, you can now invite players from the previous match to join your team.
* In the Lobby, players can now choose to mark themselves Not Ready. As long as one team member is Not Ready, the leader will be unable to search for a match.

New Features
* Every hero now has three recommended item builds, based on different situations.
* A Gift Center has been added to the shop. Now you can gift Skins to friends that are higher than level 15.
* If players choose, they can now set their gender in their profile, which will be displayed with a symbol before their name.
* You can now broadcast your gameplay directly from the game. This is only supported on certain devices. Please see our FAQ page for this feature here.
* Added the Highlight Reel. When enabled, the game will automatically record and generate a video at the end of the match to show off some of the outstanding moments from the match, which can be shared. Please see our FAQ page for this feature here.

Game Client
* Players can now delete several items in their Mail at once.
* Improved the detection of active feeding behavior.
* If your teammates play well, you can now let them know by giving a thumbs up in the Match Results screen.
* Introducing the Weekly Legend Report! Facebook bots can view weekly game data to be shared with Facebook friends.