Legendary LEGO Mobile Legends Hero Minifigs (MOC)- #MLBB

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See my own creation of Legendary LEGO Mobile Legends Hero Minifigs. I actually made a request from Funko Pop to make a Mobile Legends Hero Action Figures but since they don't have an app to make your own Funko pop design while LEGO has and so I make my own Lego Minifigs design for the meantime.


Meanwhile, read the Funko Pop Team's reply on my request. They seems to be very accommodating.
Thanks for reaching out to us! While I don't have insight into potential figures in the works, I would be happy to share your request for Mobile Legends figures with my larger teams. I can also give you some insight into a few factors that allow us to create characters, if you're interested in learning more about how we work!

Beyond what fans are looking for, one of the largest factors behind what we're able to create lies in licensing rights. That's a fascinating topic in itself, and if you're interested in hearing more, our Funkast (aka our Funko podcast) recently had a segment on licensing. You can find it here, and the licensing conversation is in the first 10 minutes.
Our artist and production schedules are another big factor. Would you believe that, last year alone, we introduced over a thousand new figures across our Vinyl lines? This isn't even including existing figures that are still in production, or items from our Plush, Home, Apparel, or other product lines. We love creating new figures for fans, but the requests (and our own wishlist!) are always something we need to balance in our jam-packed art and production cycles.

We are incredibly devoted to our Funko community -- you're the reason we all love doing what we do each day -- so while I'm not able to make you any promises, I absolutely will pass your wishlist onto our licensing, art, and production teams! In the meantime, I'd recommend signing up for our newsletter if you don't already get it -- that's a great place to hear exciting product and company news!
Thank you,
The Funko Support Team

How to Gain 270% More Subscribers on your YouTube Channel

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Wohoo! In May, you gained 270% more subscriptions due to more uploads.  You just need to upload videos that got the interest of your audience.

I got these figures from Youtube Studio Beta Analysis from my YouTube Channel.

What's going on?

Your channel grew by 5,183 subscriptions — way more than in a typical month
Keep up the good work! If your channel continues growing at this rate, it will take you about one month to reach 50,000 subscriptions instead of the 4 months it would have taken otherwise.

Why is this happening?
  • You received 145% more views from people who are not yet subscribed
  • You published 457 videos, more than usual
  • You converted 94% more non-subscribed viewers