Gitex Shopper 2013- Jumbo Electronics Best Deals and Promo

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Find out what Jumbo Electronics have in store for you this GITEX. Simply Click here ttp:// & don't forget to tell them which offer you liked most using #JumboisGITEX.

When was the last time you actually ‘knocked down’ the price of a product you really wanted? This pre-Gitex, grab the coolest smartphone in town- ‘the #LG #G2’ at your price. Enter the Contest NOW! Round 2 closes at 9 pm tonight!

Check out Jumbo Electronics online catalogue for GITEX 2013 best deals, please click HERE!

It’s simple! Just click here to be the highest bidder and lock-in your price to own the must have smartphone, the LG G2, only with Jumbo GITEX Knock Down.

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