Why JadoPado is better than Souq.com

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I have been a long customer from Souq.com since we all know that it is much cheaper to purchase electronics here in most items. However, if you want your item to be delivered earlier, you should consider JadoPado.

Right now i just placed an order for a Dell a laptop at Souq.com on January 2 and the their estimated delivery time is just too long from January 7-11 as you can see from the screen capture of my account from Souq.com.

I requested on their website if they can deliver it earlier but received no any response from the seller. I called them if they can be considerate enough to deleiver it earlier than the estimated time but still no update on the delivery status.

Meanwhile in JadoPado, I heard and read some articles that they deliver your ordered items the same day you place the order. So when you want a fast delivery of your online purchase, better visit JadoPado.com, but if you can wait 7 days or more  you can take a deal from Souq.com.

After i cancelled my order from Souq.com, I try to order Dell Inspiron from CrazyDeals.ae and they deliver it to my office the next day.

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