Burj Khalifa wrap with fabric material proposal

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The bizarre endeavor according to Huffingtonpost is called EXO-BURJ. 

It would cover the entire building, from spire to ground level, in a "super-lightweight, reflective and semi-transparent fabric material," according to a press release from the Dubai-based think tank, OP-EN. The temporary casing would, as you might guess, reflect the expansive urban scenes around it, because... tourists would like that?

In response to the latest media coverage on the Exo-Burj project, OP—EN would like to clarify a few points.
(1) Exo-Burj, as noted on the actual project page, is primarily a thought experiment in the spirit of exploring creative potential in the public realm. As part of the OP—EN philosophy, various creatives ideas are developed, pitched and presented as possibilities for further exploration and execution.
(2) At this point in time, Exo-Burj is not being taken forward by the developer nor has any interest been articulated.
(3) The design of the Exo-Burj is such that the proposed reflective fabric is not to touch the tower structure and therefore a ‘wrapping’ is not the most accurate description. The proposal is such that the fabric will interface with the tower at a certain distance achieving the desired reflective aesthetic and effect.

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