How to Beat the Elusive Yeti Zombie in Plants vs Zombies 2

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When you get the notification that a Yeti has been sighted, hurry to that level without delay! Yeti sightings are exceptionally rare.

The Yeti will wander onto the board at some point during the level, but he won’t stay long! Unlike other zombies, his motivations are a great mystery, and you cannot count on his continuing on a course from right to left. That means you have only a brief time in which to attack him, so make the most of it!

Plant Food or Power Ups may help you defeat him before he disappears. Also, he shares one compulsion with his more traditional zombie brethren—he will stop to eat a plant if he finds one. Use that knowledge to your advantage!

The Yeti Zombie, if successfully destroyed, will reward you with treasure…but you only get one chance per sighting! If he wanders back off the board unharmed, he won’t return again when you replay this level.

The best thing to capture the Yeti Zombie is to launch Cherry Bomb.

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