Win a trip to E3 2014 with Uplay Fan Art Contest:

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Uplay is giving you the chance to win a VIP trip to E3 by sharing your fan art! Discover how you could win your spot as an Ambassador on the #uplaylounge

You are a creative artist and want to be universally-recognized,
You dream of being invited to E3 and being a part of the Ubisoft experience,
You want to live the most memorable gaming experience at the Uplay lounge, held at The Standard, Downtown L.A.,
Well, show off your talent and win all this at once: a spot as a Uplay Ambassador!

But that's not all! Participate in our event from April 8th to April 30th and you may also:

- Have your artwork assessed by a jury of well-known, talented & professionals from Ubisoft Montpellier
- Watch your Fan Art brought to life before your very eyes as a short animation in the UbiArt Framework engine
- See your Fan Art turned into a painting displayed at the Uplay lounge

Here's how to participate:

General rules and guidelines

1. First, make your Fan Art which must include only a character and a background. It can be a banner, a comic, wallpaper or any kind of picture. Make Ubisoft's visual worlds your own and make your own video game!

2. Feel free to use any picture editing software, inspirational material, external sources or cultural references that you think would be suitable for your character's personality.
Bear in mind, though, that only the artist who submits the Fan Art will receive the prizes.

3. Upload it to the Uplay lounge website. The Fan Art will not appear on the website right away as it will first have to be reviewed and approved.
In the short description field, let us know how you picture your character in motion: jumping, rolling, dancing, running, swimming, etc... Let your imagination flow!

The rest is totally up to you! More information, please click HERE!

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