Evolve hits Xbox One on October 2014

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Hunting season opens 10/21 when Evolve hits Xbox One. Will you hunt as a pack or solo?

The former pair of hunters joins the Assault and Trapper classes, respectively. Hyde carries a mini-gun capable of turning forests into tossed salads, but it’s his secondary weapon that does the most damage; a flamethrower built into his left arm, Hyde’s backup—according to Turtle Rock co-founder Chris Ashton—is the game’s “shortest ranged, but most powerful weapon.” When not barbequing baddies from behind his butt-kicking appendage, Hyde can utilize his unique ability, Toxic Grenades, as well as his class-based Personal Shield.
Before the game hits like a ground-buckling smash on October 21, the developer promises that “more is coming... more modes, more hunters, more environments, and more monsters.”

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