Watch_Dogs Hacking is Real.

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EXCLUSIVE PlayStation video! The truth behind Watch_Dogs. Hacking is Real. Watch Playstation's EXCLUSIVE video that talks to the makers of the Watch_Dogs game to find out how everything in the game is real.

"You should never expect a game to look like what it does while presented at E3. I'm pretty sure that almost everyone understands that the devs make sure every nook and cranny is polished up the wazoo so that people are wowed by it. Aside from that, the game is exactly what they said it would be. Some people don't like it and others do. But the anticipation in waiting for it, deterring the release for months similarly to GTA V, is what really got people going crazy over it. I suggest you give the game a shot, I finished the storyline yesterday and it was pretty good. There's plenty to do on the side as well, in addition to DLC. Unless of course you already played it and decided you didn't like it."

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