Badr Hari vs Patrice Quarteron- October 16 (Video)

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WatchBadr Hari vs Patrice Quarteron- October 16 Video Teaser. Patrice challenge Badr Hari on Instagram where Badr hari replied.

"October 16th, i will be fighting Patrice Quarteron. He talked himself into this fight, so i only can respect him for that. I do him a favor, i let him share the ring with greatness. He's trying to promote the fight by making it personal. I'm a business man and i come to work. And i don't mind which opponent, only thing i know is they'll always hit the campus. Evora, fucked you up. That clown Gregory Tony, fucked you up. Paul Slowinski, fucked you up. Badr Hari? Gonna knock you out."

Patrice challenged badr hari on insta

Badr hari accepted

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