How to Reach More People and Get More Likes on your Facebook Page

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Hot to Get More Likes on your Facebook Page Tutorial.

How can I let people know about my Page?

To let people know about your Page:

How do I invite friends to like my Page?

To invite your friends to like your Page, you must be using Facebook as yourself and not as your Page. If you're currently using Facebook as your Page:
  1. Click  in the top-right corner of Facebook
  2. Select your name below Use Facebook as:
Once you're using Facebook as yourself, you can invite your friends to like your Page. From your Page:
  1. Click  on your Page's cover photo
  2. Select Invite Friends
  3. Click Search All Friends  to select a list or type a friend's name in the search box
  4. Click Invite next to the friends you want to invite'

How do I suggest my Page to my email contacts?

This feature isn't available to all Pages right now.

How can people share my Page with their friends?

People can share a Page with their friends by clicking Share on the bottom right of the Page's cover photo. Learn more about sharing a Page.
If you help manage the Page, you can invite friends to like your Page.

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