Apple Watch- How do I change the time on the watch when there's no cell signal?

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We are leaving on a trans-Atlantic cruise shortly and I'm realizing that I have no idea how to change the time on my watch. Every day or two the time will change on the ship so that we're on the right time-zone when we arrive. I will have my phone with me, but will not have it connecting to a cell signal because I'm not interested in being charged the outrageous cell at sea prices. Any thoughts?

Three possibilities:

  1. Go to Settings > Time > "+ 0 mins".  You can turn the digital crown to vary the time by up to 59 minutes.
  2. Use the World Clock to set the time to some city that you know is in the correct time zone.
  3. Have the paired iPhone use the ship's WiFi (not cellular).  That may well supply the correct time.

One more that I want to throw out, is that time comes from the iPhone. You should also be able to set the time manually on the iPhone in Settings > General > Date and Time
There, you can set it by a relevant city, or just adjust to match the time of the ship's clocks

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