How to do broadcast/live stream on Periscope

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How to do broadcast/live streaming on Periscope Tutorial? Read also on How to Record Periscope video, please click HERE!

  • Once you have created an account, in iOS open the Broadcast Tab by tapping the Camera icon at the bottom center of the app. In Android, tap the red Camera icon on the bottom right.
  • Enter a title that describes your broadcast 
  • You’ll have the option to manage your location settings, make your broadcast private, limit your chat and/or Tweet your live stream via the three icons above the ‘Start Broadcast’ button. 
  • Tap ‘Start Broadcast.’ 
  • To end a broadcast, swipe the screen down and tap 'Stop Broadcast'.
Periscope lets you broadcast live video to the world. Going live will instantly notify your followers who can join, comment and send you hearts in real time. The more hearts you get, the higher they flutter on the screen.

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