PS4 Universal Media Remote Available this Month

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Enjoy a convenient and intuitive way to navigate and control your favorite PS4 entertainment Apps and Blu-Ray Disc player right from your couch. The remote uses Bluetooth to control your PS4™ system and can also be setup to control up to three additional devices, including a TV, cable box and audio receiver.

I think this is great for anyone that needs it, but I found that I’m able to use the remote that came with my Sony TV. It’s called Bravia sync and all you need to do is have HDMI Device Link enabled on the PS4. I’m able to control the PS4 menu and apps all from my Sony TV remote.

The Universal Media Remote for PS4, will be available in the U.S., Canada and Mexico when it launches later this month

At launch, the remote will be fully compatible with the following apps and services (with more to come later):
  • Blu-ray Disc Player
  • Crunchyroll
  • FUNimation
  • HBO GO
  • Media Player
  • Netflix
  • NFL Sunday Ticket
  • PlayStation Video
  • PlayStation Vue
  • Twitch
  • YouTube
Pick up the Universal Media Remote for PS4 when it releases later this month for $29.99 (MSRP) or pre-order it now.

According to Celticmuggle comment, You don’t have to have a Sony TV to use the HDMI device link. I have an Insignia from Best Buy and after changing a few settings I can control my PS4 with my TV’s existing remote. Granted it doesn’t have a PS button but it’s cool when I’m watching TV and switch the input and it turns on my PS4 or when I power on my PS4 by pressing the PS button on my DS4 and my TV comes on also. Check your TV only one of my HDMI ports allows the device link but if yours does it might be worth taking advantage of basically a free remote by changing a few settings. Something to check though is one of the options on my TV was to turn off the connected device when the TV’s turned off I didn’t turn this on in case it just shuts down the PS4 while I’ve got a game going if I turn off my TV. While I can’t get the remote to navigate YouTube it works great with Netflix while my remote doesn’t have the PS button I can use the exit button to go back to the home screen or use the PS4 voice controls. Hope this helps.

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