Clash Royale stuck in 50% and log-in failed- what to do?

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What to do with Clash Royale stuck in 50% and Log-in Failed on Android? Yesterday (March 9), I thought Clash Royale is just having some updates but up until now it was still stuck on 50% and not opening the game. Therefore, I was not able to level-up.

While another gamer from iPhone says, I have been playing this game normally. The game have been playable since yesterday i always stuck up at 50% loading. There is no connection issue from my phone. Opening browser and clash of clans seems fine. What caused it? Is it data error or the server? I tried re-downloading and restarting my iphone but it doesnt solve the issue.

 But on my part I tried  to run it on iOS device (iPhone 5S) and it seems to be working fine.

Anyone who is experiencing the same problem and able to find the solution can share in the comments section below!

One iPhone user says it also happens on his iOS device:
Yeah I got that quite a bit yesterday. I'm using a spare iPhone 5S but otherwise have no info on why it happens. I just kept force-shutting until it worked!

Solution from Dennis Schade onj Facebook:

I had same problem but found a article in the forums. If u cant connect to google play to sign in here is the solution. Go to setting on your phone then manage applications then find google play services. And click (turn off ) Un install updates . You will most likely get a notification saying blocked by administration. Turn off then click Un install after its Un installed try to open up clash royale. It will tell you that u need to update google play services. Go update then run the game and sign in. This will work

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