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It's with great excitement that we can finally announce that Alfred 3 is on its way.

This week is also Alfred's 6th birthday, so what better way to celebrate than with 10% discount on the Powerpack.
Here's what the application developer got a great deal for everyone:
  • New to the Powerpack? Buy a license with 10% discount (available until Friday, 4th March 2016) and get a free upgrade to v3.
  • Bought recently? If you purchased a license in 2016, you'll also get a free upgrade to v3.
  • Got a v2 license bought before 2016? You get a great deal too! Transform your Single User license into a Mega Supporter by simply paying the difference, minus the 10% birthday discount, and get a lifetime of free upgrades.

What's New in Version 3?

The new features and improvements are shaping up beautifully; Vastly more flexible workflows, significantly improved clipboard history and snippets, and a fully overhauled theme editor, amongst the many changes you'll see.
Take a look at the announcement blog post to find out more about the new features.
Alfred v3 is coming - blog post
Alfred v3 is coming - blog post
Alfred v3 is coming - blog post

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