Download Lumo, out April 22nd on PS4 and PS Vita

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Celebrate 80's isometric games with Lumo, out April 22nd on PS4 and PS Vita.

Lumo (Finnish for “enchantment”) isn’t a remake of those classic 8-bit games. Instead, it’s my attempt to answer the question: “What would those games be like today?” We can do things with physics, light, and sound that just weren’t possible back then, not to mention being able to auto save so Lumo smooths off some of those old-school edges and brings the genre bang up-to-date.

It’s a much bigger game than its predecessors, clocking in at nearly 450 rooms split across four different zones, including secret paths, tons of hidden rooms, ducks to rescue, coins to collect and spend, and 6 mini-games to find and unlock!

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