Mobile Legends Players Tips and Tricks

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Who else can give the best tips and tricks on Mobile Players: Bang bang other than those who are actually playing it.

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From Frenciz Tluanga If you think you can play Mobile Legends, at least know these rules:
1. Don't ask for tank if you don't know  how to support tank
2. Dont blame tanks(specially Franco) when your team is not doing well, if you yourself don't want to pick a tank
3. Don't search matches if you can't press "enter".. Yea.. Truly annoying
4. An encouraging message always works better for team rather than throwing out all your bad languages at teammates.
5. Just because you think marksman are cool doesnt mean you have to pick them in every matches irrespective of what your teammates pick.
6. Learn some good team formation.. One ideal one is 1 tank, 1 marksman, 1 mage, 1 fighter, 1 assasin. Or 2 fighters is still ok... No double mage, no double tank.. (unless youre an organised team/clan)
7. Jungling the whole game doesnt make you a super player.. Whats the use of losing all towers at the cost of jungling
8. Be nice.

From Nanashiru Sagure: "There this team i was fighting probably Indonesia i guess all 5 of them use tank.Akai,lolita,tigreal,minatour & jhonson.My team alpha,saber,tigreal,gord & moskov all of us well player always win match 10 × in a row but then this happens.....we loose to the tankers because all 5 of them are easy to beat at first but in the end they keep building their items until none of them die anymore. I laugh so hard though to think 5 tanks will won a game.

From Grhgorhs Goysios But people are mostly noobs that just want to pick an adc and just flame because their team wasn't there.

Here's how most adc mains usually work

Layla -Ks the whole game
Bruno - Deal high damage so he will go in 1v5
Miya -Goes into in 1v2 although team was saying to retreat , dies misserably and flames the team
Clint - Always hunt the kill or plays extremely safe
Yi shun shin - Uses his ult when nobody in the map needs it but won't use it in the team fights because the cool down hasn't over
Moskov - Mostly noobs that don't know how to use his skills or combos

All adc mains think that they are send by god and can kill everyone while they will never say "good job" to the guy who helped them but will say "noob" when their team will retreat because the enemy team has an advantage.

Please share your Tips and Tricks for the game. Meanwhile here are some of the best gameplays of the game including the videos from National Arena Contest.

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