Omar Borkan Al Gala 'Three handsome Men' evicted from Saudi festival

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Is Omar Borkan Al Gala evicted from Saudi festival for being 'Very handsome'?

Based on unverified reports, the Sky Dancing blog site recently pointed to UAE actor and fashion photographer Omar Borkan Al Gala as one of those evicted from the Saudi festival.

On Monday, another of Al Gala's posts received over 3,200 likes: "The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides."

On April 21, he posted a link to an article about the three handsome men evicted from the Saudi festival.

Photo credit: Omar Morkan Al Gala via Facebook.

Watch Omar first interview after the incident here: OMAR Interview in Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho.

Among these websites is New York Daily News, which reported that Al Gala has not responded to its requests for clarification regarding the issue.

On April 21, he posted an article about the deportation on hisFacebook page, setting social media sites on fire.

Last week, TIME reported that Saudi Arabia has deported three men for being “too handsome,” citing an article from the Arabic-language newspaper Elaph.

The three Emiratis were visiting Saudi Arabia for the annual Jenadrivah Heritage and Cultural Festival in Riyadh, TIME added.

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