PvZ Garden Warfare First DLC- Garden Variety Now Available

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Download Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare First DLC- Garden Variety today, March 18, 2014. According to the report from polygon.com, central to the update is Chomp Town, a small 8v8 urban map that's reminiscent of hardcore shooter downtown arenas, in which fast-paced, close-quarter combat is the norm, and death comes often and from every direction.

Patch 1.31 Notes “Garden Variety Pack”

Major Features:
- New Map: Chomp Town – playable in Garden Ops, Team Vanquish and Gnome Bomb. Yes Crazy Dave IS riding a Chomper… Why??? Because he’s CRAAAZYYY!
- New Game Mode: Gnome Bomb – be the 1st team to destroy all three gardens or graveyards with the explosive new Gnome Bomb.
- Pirates have invaded Port Scallywag and Sharkbite Shores in Garden Ops
- New Abilities for all characters – new character abilities are tucked away in the sticker shop (hint: Crazy Pack and higher are your best bet to get them! Supremium Pack, Incredi-Plant Pack & Vengeful Zomboss Pack have the highest chances to get them)
- 125 new customization items added to the sticker shop – spread across all characters/rarities…
- Added Doom-shroom potted plant consumable for plants
- Added Barrel Pirate, Treasure Map Pirate consumable for zombies

Minor Features:
- Improved reliability for the hold (B) interaction wheel – when reviving, building turrets etc….
- Added Bonus Score for playing Garden Ops Solo or with a friend
- Added a min player requirement to each game mode
- Tweaked various hats to improve overall visibility
- Added improved audio to slow firing weapons to queue players when next shot is available

Gameplay Balance Changes:

Alternate Abilities
- Gameplay tuned and balanced all new alternate character abilities to be balanced with existing abilities

Corn Artillery
- Some slight tweaks to gameplay and vfx for Corn Artillery at end of Main Street in Gardens & Graveyards

- Increased damage radius for pole slam

Mystic Flower
- Some improvements to aiming

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