The Star Wars Battlefront Beta is now live on PS4

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Download The Star Wars Battlefront Beta now live on PS4.

What is the Star Wars Battlefront Beta?
It’s an opportunity for the team at DICE to test various aspects of Star Wars Battlefront and its online infrastructure. Because of this, you may experience interruptions to gameplay.

When is it?
The beta opens on October 8th to players all around the globe.

Do I need to register?
Nope, it’s open to all PS4 players. There’s no need to register so you can dive into the game and join the fight.

Do I need to be a PlayStation Plus member to play it?
Nope! It’s open to all PS4 players with an internet connection.

Where can I find the Beta?
Head over to PlayStation Store.

How big will the download be?
Around 7GB.

Will there be maintenance windows or updates?
As this is a technical test, there will most likely be downtimes and restarts, etc. Full details and updates will be posted on the forums.

When will the Beta end?
October 12th. Exact times vary by region.

More info, HERE!

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