Adidas FIT SMART enable to reach your goal

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After sports shoes, clothing & accessories, Adidas expands its product line with the launch of fitness band, FIT SMART. Now available at Jumbo Stores.

Adidas inspire, challenge and enable you to reach your goals. They help you track and understand your progress, find new opportunities, live healthier and be happier. It is about the journey and the everyday wins. Whatever your goal, be it going for your first run or a full marathon, with fit smart you will get more out of it. Whatever you are looking for, you will #findyourmore. 

New start for you, new start for us. The new miCoach FIT SMART with activity tracking added to the coaching plans, heart rate monitor and performance tracking you know and love.
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adidas miCoach is an interactive training platform for anyone who wants to train smart and get better. We provide you with real-time coaching, training plans and all the tools you need to track performance, monitor your progress and get the results you want.

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