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Classical musicians, rejoice! Get tons of Urtext editions in Henle Library on iPad.

The Henle Library redefines the way you experience sheet music. Get the most reliable Urtext editions in the world on your iPad, download all the music you need to practice or perform, and carry it wherever you go. You can purchase just the part you need to play without having to buy the complete score.

This thing is freaking great. I'm a cellist and there already are a number of good pieces -- eg complete Haydn Op. 76 and Beethoven Op 18. Plus they promise their entire catalogue will be available as the months pass. The program does a lot more than, say, forScore -- it's because the music files are especially created so you can do things like move staves around and change actual printed fingering and bowing, which you can't do with a regular PDF file. A genuinely forward-looking move by Henle that in one step advances the music publishing business 300 years. I hope they do a huge business with it and win lots of rewards. It's that good.

This is an indispensable app for performers, students and teachers, combining the publishing heritage of G. Henle Verlag with the latest technology.

• Browse a store of over 40 Urtext editions, including Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier, Beethoven’s Piano Sonatas and Chopin’s Nocturnes, with more coming soon
• Get instant access to the music you purchase
• Download single parts from individual works
• Annotate each work with a range of tools, and share your notes with your teacher, students, or fellow performers
• Get exclusive fingerings and bowings by famous musicians for selected works
• Easily switch suggested fingerings on and off
• Customise the score to your preferred layout
• Save and print your personalised scores
• Record and share your music and take advantage of the loop tool to improve your rehearsals
• Easily switch between your part and the full score
• Set your in-built metronome
• Sync your scores across devices

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