Guns Up! Marathon Gameplay on PS4

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Watch Guns Up! Marathon Gameplay on PS4.

GUNS UP! is a free PS4 exclusive game that is available now! This military, tower-offense game, in which your mission is to command your troops on a series of military raids to take out your enemy’s defenses. But be careful – a crafty enemy will have strategically placed plenty of other defenses in your way. Think you’ve got what it takes? Good luck, soldier!

Game Developer, Valkyrie explained that they tried to make a PS Vita version but, due to the team size, a PS4 version was chosen as top priority:
We really wanted to bring it to Vita and tried very hard to do so. Even contracting out an expert team on PS Vita on Unity to help try to see if there was a way we could accomplish this goal. This effort is actually one of the primary reasons we went relatively dark for months after gamescom.
At the end of the day, and we know this decision won’t be popular with everyone, with a small team we had to make a choice on whether we wanted to deliver the PS4 game the team really wanted to make or change from the vision of this game and support other platforms.
Warning this game is insanely addicting.

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