A Game of Thrones: Genesis- Pre-order Cancelled what to do

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Why was my pre-order cancelled?

Changes to your credit card or account between pre-ordering and shipment may cancel your order. Learn to avoid this situation and receive your game on time.

Between the time you pre-order your game through Origin and the time the game releases, we recommend that you do not make changes to the credit card or account you used to place the pre-order.

Making changes to your credit card or account during this time will cancel your order. You will receive an email notification that EA has cancelled your order. If you receive this email, you need to place your order again.

Changes to your credit card or account that might cause an order cancellation include, but are not limited to:

  • Insufficient funds
  • An expired card
  • A reissued card (due to fraud)
  • Change in address
  • Change in phone number
  • Change in email address

If any of this information changes on your credit card between the time of order and shipment, contact us to cancel your order and place it again to ensure the delivery of your game.

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