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Tumble VR revealed for PlayStation VR: an accessible, engaging puzzler with cooperative and competitive modes.

Tumble VR is an accessible, fun, engaging, and immersive puzzle game. When you pull the PlayStation VR headset on it places you in a virtual arena specifically designed to test your physical dexterity and mental skills. Working your way through a gauntlet of tests from simply building a tower to creating bridges, or even working out fiendish puzzles, Tumble VR will push your skills and brainpower to the limit.

Tumble is the PS3 Move + stereo 3D experience that made my friends go “wow”. Despite the extremely low resolution and simple mechanics, the 1:1 motion tracking in 3D is an ‘aha!’ moment that no other PC or console platform could deliver at the time. This new game looks amazing!

Will Tumble VR also support non-VR modes – with just the Move controllers and stereo 3DTV — like the PS3 version did?
Will the social screen display stereo 3D like the PS3 version did, when another player is in VR?

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