Google Adsense Tutorial: How to place page-level ads

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Monetise your content with innovative new ad formats. Page-level ads are optimised to only appear when they’ll perform well for you, they provide a good user experience, and they’re easy to set up too.

Place this ad code in the <head> tag (or at the top of the <body>) of the pages where you want to show the ads. It’s the same ad code for every page and site, and you won’t need to change it even if you adjust your page-level ads settings.

For more help with implementing your ad code, see the Code Implementation Guide

Mobile ads that stick to the edge of the user’s screen and are easily dismissable.

  • Shown by AdSense at optimal times to help increase revenue and provide a good user experience
  • Don’t count towards your 3 ads per page limit
  • Only show on high-end mobile devices

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